Basic Monthly (Weekly)

Basic Monthly (Weekly)
Price ranges from $120 and up. Services as low as $24 per visit with this option! 

Monthly Packages starting at $120.00 per month for a small front and back yard. Prices vary depending on each job size and specific services requested. A weekly service includes 4-5 services per monthly depending on where your service falls within each month.Lock in your price and packagee now to get the best prices possible!

The basic service consists of a Mow, Edge and Blow to the lawn. Front and Back yard.

Each house, buisness or job is going to have a different estimated price depending on size, service and work that needs to be done. These prices are basic estimates for the price of a mow, edge and blow on a basic small front and back yard. You may estimate your pricing based on this pricing or call today to get your free estimate and find out your special pricing!


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